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Real Estate Related Blog Article Ideas - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Blogs are a wonderful way to improve your website’s SEO and get more traffic to your website, but what content should you be posting? You don’t want to overwhelm your page with news, but you also don’t want to flood the page with lifestyle content. You need a healthy balance of content to appeal to a wider audience and keep users engaged with what you have to say. Check out some of our favorite real estate-related blog article ideas to keep your content fresh!

  1. Highlight a new agent or member of your team.
  2. Show off a new tool. Are you offering a free market analysis or have a new technology to make viewing homes easier? Show it off!
  3. Round up a list of events happening for the month/season/year.
  4. Set the record straight on common myths or misunderstandings you’re experiencing with buyers/sellers/investors.
  5. Look back at the real estate industry from this time last year or even in the last decade and reflect on what’s changed.
  6. Do a “day in the life” article on one of your agents. Have them outline what they do on a typical day.
  7. Answer frequently asked questions.
  8. Talk about what you wish you knew about real estate when you were first starting out or the hardest lessons you’ve learned.
  9. Has a member of your team recently had a work anniversary? Interview them and get their insight on the things they’ve learned and what they love about what they do!
  10. Make predictions about where and how you see the real estate industry evolving.
  11. Highlight a property (or a few) you have on the market currently.
  12. Put together a list of the neighborhoods you see growing or neighborhoods that are at the top of buyer’s lists. 
  13. How does your local market compare to the national market?
  14. Put together a list of the best restaurants in your area or a list of new restaurants opening.
  15. List out the public and private schools in your school district and link to their websites.
  16. Create a list of the best local parks and trails.
  17. Write about the local watering holes and pools to beat the heat.
  18. Attend a conference or local speaker event and talk about what you learned.
  19. Layout the ideal buying or selling experience and what people can do to help make the process go smoothly.
  20. Take a survey of why buyers are moving to the area and write about your findings.
  21. List out your favorite local charities/nonprofits and how people can help.
  22. Put together some helpful information people should know before moving to your area.
  23. Highlight new businesses opening or companies relocating to your area.
  24. Highlight local authors/artists/musicians.
  25. Talk about your favorite small businesses (this is a great post to get people excited for Small Business Saturday).
  26. Put together a list of summer camps.
  27. Highlight seasonal recreational activities and sports clubs.
  28. List out the best places to workout — gyms, yoga studios, pilates studios, etc.
  29. Give advice on how to get the most out of selling your home.
  30. Give advice on what buyers should be looking for.
  31. Highlight neighborhoods/communities.
  32. Share a list of businesses or people you recommend working with or using for home projects.
  33. Outline some basic do’s and don’ts of the mortgage process.
  34. Chat about how to improve your credit score.
  35. Give home maintenance tips.
  36. Outline the closing process.
  37. Discuss the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market.
  38. Highlight the different types of real estate investments.
  39. Compare what you should look for in an investment property vs. a home you plan to buy and live in.
  40. Highlight what you love most about the community you call home.

There is no shortage of great content you can post to your blog, but if you’re having trouble keeping up with posting consistently, contact Agent Operations. We’re here to help you market yourself in a genuine, engaging way that generates leads. Have a question? Reach out to our team anytime: (512) 400-2345 or [email protected].

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