Lean Into Spring With These Open House Tips

Lean Into Spring With These Open House Tips - Real Estate Marketing - Marketing for Real Estate - Agent Operations - Agent Operations Marketing

Temperatures are warming up, flowers are blooming, and the spring real estate market is in full swing. Many buyers and sellers wait until spring to purchase or sell their homes, making it the perfect season for open houses!

Lean into the beauty of the season with these open house tips that are sure to make your listing shine! 

Use The Weather To Your Advantage

By now, you should have nice enough weather to open the windows and let in the fresh air and the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers. Not only does this provide a more welcoming atmosphere for guests, but it also allows buyers to envision what it will be like to experience spring in their *potentially* new home!

Freshen Up The Exterior

Muddy sidewalks and dead grass can make a bad first impression, so take some time to have the exterior cleaned up. Sweep the walkways and front porch, put out the patio furniture, and add potted flowers at the entrance to welcome buyers inside. Let’s be honest: few people like the winter or the gloomy weather it brings, so getting rid of any traces of it will brighten the home.

Update Listing Photos

Advertise your listing with updated springtime photos (and if you need help with marketing materials, you know who to call 😉). Using photos from a previous season draws attention to the fact that the home has been on the market for a while, which could be a red flag to potential buyers. Updated photos give off the feeling that your listing is new and also allow your home to be showcased in its best light. 

Get Creative With Marketing

Play up the spring angle with some bright marketing! Add bright colors and floral graphics to your open house signs and welcome sheets to go the extra mile and stand out against other real estate agents. If you have a flyer with the details of the home as a takeaway for buyers, consider getting some flower or sunshine cookies to go with it as an added treat!

Spring is the best time of year for open houses and to allow your listing to blossom! If you need help with marketing materials for your next open house, reach out to us or schedule a 30-minute meeting

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