Utilizing Online Marketing Techniques To Generate Real Estate Leads

Utilizing Online Marketing Techniques To Generate Real Estate Leads - Agent Operations - Agent Operations Marketing - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing - Lead Generation - Real Estate Leads

Do you know the phrase “if you build it, they will come”? That’s the truth about lead generation. Simply having a website and social media accounts doesn’t mean you will automatically get leads from them. In fact, some of the leads you get might not be ready to buy or sell right away, and you might have to nurture them for a few weeks or months until they are ready.

To get the most out of your marketing techniques, you want to make sure you’re utilizing them properly to drive traffic and generate leads. Let’s dive into a few marketing strategies you should be using and how they can help you with lead generation.

Social Media

A national survey from the National Association of REALTORS® found that Realtors® cited social media as the best source for generating high-quality leads. 

Many buyers are using social media to look for homes and sellers are looking to see how you would market their home if they decide to list with you. Staying active on your social media pages with consistent posting and informative content will keep your name top-of-mind with potential clients, so when it comes time for them to buy or sell, they will turn to you instead of a competitor. 

Use your social media pages to:

  • Answer common real estate questions (current market trends, how the home buying or selling process works, down payments, mortgage rates, etc.)
  • Market active listings/upcoming open houses
  • Brag about yourself and your business (recent awards, closings, etc.)

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns allow you to connect with past and/or current clients without interfering with their busy schedules. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter or a new listing email blast, it’s another way to talk about real estate and provide value to your clients without being overbearing. 

Use email campaigns to:

  • Connect with different audiences (past clients, different neighborhoods, etc)
  • Market active listings/upcoming open houses
  • Promote upcoming events to your sphere of influence


Blogs are a great lead generation technique for several reasons. You can post them to your social media pages to provide value, and if someone clicks the link, it will drive them to your website. Blogs are a niche marketing technique that not many Realtors® are utilizing, mainly because they don’t have the time to write them. So, by writing blogs on your website, you’re standing out against your competition.

Use blogs to:

  • Provide value about real estate-related topics
  • Talk about local events in your area
  • Feature active listings and what’s great about them

Online marketing doesn’t have to be scary, especially if you have Agent Operations in your corner! We would love to help you with any of your marketing needs! Have questions about what marketing techniques would work best for you? Reach out to us or schedule a 30-minute meeting

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