To Post Or Not To Post: Your Real Estate Blog As A Secret Marketing Weapon

To Post Or Not To Post Your Real Estate Blog As A Secret Marketing Weapon - Real Estate Marketing - Agent Operations - Realtor Marketing - Content Marketing for Real Estate

To post or not to post on your real estate blog… It’s a question we get all the time here at Agent Operations.

And the simple answer is “Yes. Yes, you should definitely post to your real estate blog!” When wielded correctly, your real estate blog is a very powerful marketing tool. Let’s take a look at the what, the why, and the how of blogging for real estate professionals:

As a real estate agent, why should I blog?

Positioning. You are a resource for all things local and real estate. And considering that your sphere of influence members enter the real estate cycle only every five to seven years (maybe a little shorter these days), you’ve got to find a way to keep them engaged. What’s more is that your blogging naturally positions you as the go-to authority on both local and real estate. It’s all about sharing your professional story by adding value… and that builds brand awareness.

Builds Brand Awareness. Stay TOM, or top-of-mind. Everyone knows at least a dozen REALTORS® these days. Give your sphere of influence a reason to select you as their one-and-only.

Share-ability. So, I might have just made up that word, but you get the point. When you blog, it’s not just enough to blog. You’ve got to SHARE and build momentum for what you’ve got to say. Make sure to write a great teaser and share the teaser and blog link on every social channel you have (don’t forget the image — remember, people are much more likely to remember what you’ve said when you say it with an image somewhere).

Build a Library of Content. Content is king these days, and it’s here to stay. It’s also how you offer value to others, which is centric to all of your marketing efforts. And good content can be hard to find, so make sure your content is compelling. If you’re suffering from writer’s block, simply ask your social media fans and friends what they want to read about. To get started, here are some ideas:
– Local events
– New retail and shopping
– New or favorite restaurants
– Local real estate trends
– New home developments
– Local library programs
– Tips on home buying and selling
– Home maintenance tips
– Listings (yes, write a quick blog about one of your listings!)
– Buyer needs
– Congratulatory posts
– The sky’s the limit here!

Repurposability. So, maybe another made-up word. Don’t laugh; you’re gonna love this. Make your blog go farther. Rather than just landing on your blog page and your social media, give it more traction by submitting a teaser or excerpt to local blogs (think mom’s blogs, to-do blogs, community blogs, library blogs, etc.) – this is a great way to expose your expertise and professionalism to a brand new audience and build your SOI!  Also, add it to your buyer packages, pre-listing packages, relocation packages, or contract-to-close touch-points. Integrate a teaser into your monthly email (or print) newsletter, along with an image and a link to your blog post. Spread your message, one audience at a time.

SEO. The coveted Google Juice or “Search Engine Optimization.” This is one of the biggest benefits of blogging. Regular content on your site makes a difference. Google and other search engines love when new content pops up, and they score accordingly. Word of caution: duplicate content can actually hurt your SEO. What that means: the mass-produced blogs aren’t often all they’re cracked up to be. Make sure your content is original (for many, many reasons).

Okay, great… But how often should I blog? If you’re crafting these blogs yourself (which is great!), set a monthly appointment with yourself and commit to creating one original blog per month. Once you’ve stayed consistent for a few months, increase that to two blogs per month. Between two and four blogs per month is the sweet spot.

Here at Agent Operations, we simply LOVE content! Surprise, surprise, right? Dust off your real estate blog and put it to good use. Make it a secret marketing weapon and get some great mileage out of the content you create!

Need help? Have writer’s block? Our Marketing Team is here to support you. Reach out to us here if you’d like to get started on a recurring blog program with us! 

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