10 Tips To Develop Awesomesauce Lead Nurture Email Campaigns

10 Tips To Develop Awesomesauce Lead Nurture Email Campaigns - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing - Agent Operations

It’s the $64,000 question… How do you create a compelling and conversational email nurture (aka “drip”) campaign to get a buyer or seller lead from first interest to “ready to roll”? It’s ALL about the details. Don’t be just any agent. Be THE agent.

  • Educate. Teach a helpful skill or share high-value information.
    • In practice: You’ve got a list of leads on an auto-drip who may relocate to your area. A great email to include in your drip campaign would be something widely interesting, such as “10 Must-Do’s When Visiting (city)” or “8 Places Where Kids Eat Free in (city) on Thursdays.”
  • Link to Recent Content. Brownie bonus points if it’s YOUR content.
    • In practice: Your list of warm seller leads hears from you regularly via an email drip campaign. Your latest blog post includes information about 10 revealing questions you MUST ask the REALTOR® you hire. Add an email to the drip that covers the importance of interviewing agents, and “oh!” helpfully suggest that they read your blog post about what questions to ask (and have your answers to those questions ready to roll).
  • Use Images. Show, don’t tell.
    • On average, people will remember 10% of content they see or hear three days later. However, when that content is paired with a relevant image, they will remember 65% of the information three days later. WOW.
    • In practice: Your relocation nurture leads are dying to see what your city is like! For example: if you’re in Austin, TX, take a photo of the 360 Bridge at sunset and center one of your nurture emails around it. “Look, [merge first name]! It’s the 360 Bridge right here in Austin! Not sure if you’ve been there yet, but we’ll grab our own photo on our property tour when you get here!” (Note: this sounds incredibly targeted, but it works for this relocation audience… it makes them feel that you’re talking right to THEM, even though you may be talking to…oh, tens or hundreds of THEM. Smarter, not harder, right?)
    • Pro tip: Looking for stock photos? Visit unsplash.com to find amazing stock photography for free.
  • Share Reviews.
    • Studies show that more than 60% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. That number is probably higher when it comes to buying or selling a home. Don’t be afraid to let other people TOOT your horn.
  • Call-to-Action (aka CTA). For crying out loud, don’t EVER forget the CTA!!! (or you’ll be crying later!)
    • What do you want your audience to DO? Engage with you! Talk with you! HIRE you!
    • In practice: “Click here to download my free report: 7 Dirt Cheap Staging Secrets”. OR, “I’m a foodie too! Need restaurant recommendations? Call or email me anytime”.
    • Pro tip: Keep this in mind as you write your customized email nurture campaign. It will positively affect the way you write, and leads will hear it as they read it. (no joke)
  • Video.
    • Yes, your mug needs to do video. Don’t put it off. Just embrace it.
    • Huge benefit: a video embedded in an email nurture campaign multiplies your face time with projects. You’re out closing deals, and peeps are seeing YOUR face on THEIR phone!
    • Pro tip: Your “Meet Me” video doesn’t have to be perfect… or professionally produced. But it does need to be thought out (yes, that means scripted, to a certain degree), edited, and professional. The good news? You don’t have to break the bank to have a great video. Write the script. Film it on your phone. Edit with iMovie (or some PC app). Add it to Vimeo and YouTube and share/embed the link in EVERYTHING.
  • Stick to CCC: Clear, Concise, Conversational.
    • Clear: Use BOLD and ITALICS for emphasis – draw attention to specific parts of your message.
    • Concise: Average length should be 3-4 short paragraphs. This is an essay-free zone!
    • Conversational: Don’t write like a robot! And use contractions! Aren’t, I’m, You’ve… You’re getting the picture, I can tell.
  • Be Relatable.
    • Pro tip: Just. Be. You. People everywhere gravitate to authenticity. Your email nurture campaign should sound and feel like YOU.
  • Use Humor.
    • People LOVE to laugh. Add a comic or real estate joke into one of your drip campaigns.
  • Don’t forget the P.S.!
    • In a letter, studies show that this is the FIRST place readers look. Email is a little different, but the P.S. (placed right above your pretty email signature in bold) is the perfect spot for your CTA.

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