Case Study Of TMACREALTY.COM: A Real Estate Website That Leverages A Content Marketing Strategy

Your website is the core of your real estate marketing strategy.

It’s a living, breathing representation of your business that, if created and managed properly, will generate subscribers and leads while you prospect, work with buyers and sellers, and close deals.

But, it’s not something you can “put on a shelf.” Your website needs regular content that fits your ideal client, niche market, and/or target audience.

It doesn’t need to be “fancy”, but it must be keyword-rich, and it needs to have a blog function. You should be adding video or audio content, too. It also needs form software (like Gravity Forms) that can deliver free reports or downloads in exchange for lead contact information.

Terence’s website is a great example. It leverages a content marketing strategy that adds extreme value to his audience, who are primarily Millennial real estate investors. You’ll notice that the content on his website is more about adding value to his audience than it is about him. He knows the pain points of his audience, he clearly empathizes and connects with their needs, and he understands what they will find valuable.

He uses lead magnets like a Deal Calculator (an investor spreadsheet that helps quantify if a particular property is a wise investment) and an Investor Package (a downloadable booklet that offers incredible value to his target market) that are instant downloads in exchange for the prospect’s contact information.

The next step in Terence’s real estate marketing plan is to repurpose each lead magnet into other forms of marketing collateral like an optimized YouTube video, blog article, and more. By selecting extremely valuable content and repurposing it across various media, we help Terence optimize his chances of reaching his investor target market while making his marketing dollars go farther.

At Agent Operations, we call this process a Real Estate Content Marketing Map, and it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about.

We would love to show you how you can execute your very own Content Marketing Map that makes your marketing more efficient, grows a subscriber database that can be nurtured and converted, and builds a library of high-value content over time.

Have a question? Reach out to our Team anytime: (512) 400-2345 or [email protected].

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