Easy Ways For Real Estate Agents And Brokerages Can Differentiate Themselves

Easy Ways Real Estate Agents And Brokerages Can Differentiate Themselves - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Real estate is a vast market and a leading career in the workforce, but it can be a tough market to crack. Pick a city, and you’ll find thousands of real estate agents serving the area. That oversaturation can make it difficult to find and keep clients, especially as the industry changes. The key to being successful? Be different! Check out how real estate agents and brokerages can differentiate themselves.

Have a Niche Audience Within a Niche Audience

We’re not saying to turn away clients or violate fair housing laws, but you need to know what you do well or the clientele you’re already attracting so you can market yourself well. When asked who your target audience is, your answer shouldn’t be “all buyers and sellers of ______ city.” Get down to the nitty-gritty. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know an area of the city more than the rest?
  • Are my clients commonly first-time buyers or repeat buyers? First-time sellers or repeat sellers?
  • Is there a common need I see amongst my clients? Am I meeting that need? Can I help meet those needs in the future?
  • Is there a common lifestyle or income range I’m currently attracting?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down who you target and help you figure out the best way to target them.

Have Added Value You Bring To Your Clients

A great way to stand out from other agents in the area is to showcase the value you bring to your clients. Again, don’t be afraid to be specific with what you offer. There are many that label themselves as full-service agents and brokerages. How do you stack up?

  • Do you have contacts with inspectors, contractors, insurance agents, lenders, etc.? Are they the leaders in their field?
  • Can you help score them the best deal on their mortgage?
  • Do you help your clients understand how to contest property taxes?
  • Do you donate a portion of the closing costs to a local nonprofit in the buyer/seller’s name?
  • Do you have contact with new home builders?

Focus On Your Online Presence

Almost all buyers and sellers begin their real estate journey online. They’re researching houses, the real estate market, and most importantly, brokerages and agents. It is CRUCIAL to have a strong online presence. Be active and engaged on at least two social platforms and have a website that is completely your own. Your website should have:

  • Your bio and contact information
  • Current listings and a search feature
  • Information on the value you bring
  • Information on how you help buyers, sellers, investors, etc.
  • A blog
  • Testimonials
  • Any important information you have learned, contacts you have, etc.

The most important items for your website to have are your listings and a blog. Both are crucial for SEO purposes and will earn you higher rankings in Google when people search for real estate agents in your area. 

There are a lot of ways to make yourself stand out among your competitors. Start small, focus on your strengths, and outsource everything else. Remember you’re not alone on your real estate journey, and if you need more tips on how to market yourself to become a leader in real estate, contact Agent Operations.

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