Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Real Estate Business

Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Real Estate Business - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Fall is here, which means the holidays are approaching, and it’s an opportunity to put out some fun, themed content! Take advantage of the themes as a way to celebrate the time of year. If you’re at a loss for what to create, here are four paranormal ideas to take your real estate business to the next level! Buahahahaha!

  1. Create a Halloween Themed Social Media Contest

Everyone’s on social media, so use it to your advantage! If your campaign is a success, you’ll receive authentic user-generated content while increasing your brand awareness. Besides, who doesn’t like sharing their favorite Halloween costumes?

One campaign idea is to ask your followers to post a photo of their favorite Halloween look. From here, you can make it your own and either choose the best costume or make it a giveaway, and one submission equals one entry into the giveaway. Make sure you have a spooktacular prize, so people are incentivized to participate! If you need help with your social media contest, drop us a line–we can help!! 

  1. Make Your Marketing Haunted

Just because you work in real estate doesn’t mean you can’t get in the Halloween spirit! Because you’re a REALTOR® with access to a plethora of homes, I’m sure you can find a way to Halloween-ify your listings! 

Maybe you bring some Halloween decorations with you when taking pictures of the property or adding a ghost or pumpkin to your social media posts. If you like using video, you can easily show some of the Halloween pranks you’re pulling on coworkers, like scaring them. Videos specifically are a great way to draw in an audience and get them excited. If you need help making your social media a little ghoulish, we can help!

  1. Create a How-To or DIY Halloween Video

As a REALTOR® whose subject is houses, the ideas are endless for a how-to or DIY Halloween video. As we mentioned earlier, video is great for attracting an audience. Some ideas are:

  • How to decorate your home for Halloween
  • How to decorate pumpkins for Halloween
  • Where to place Halloween decorations
  • How to make your own Halloween decorations
  • How to make your house ghostly, haunted, or any other spooky word
  • How to make Halloween snacks and treats
  • DIY Halloween costume
  • DIY real estate agent Halloween costume 
  1. Create a Behind-the-Scenes Halloween Video

Behind-the-scenes videos are popular because they show your audience a unique look at who you are and your business. One specific option is to show how you list a home or how you prepare a home for being listed this Halloween month. If your company puts on a Halloween party, that would be the perfect opportunity to show your viewers the work to make the event successful. You could even live-stream at the event for more content! Another great behind-the-scenes video is to show you and your coworkers performing Halloween pranks on each other. Who doesn’t love a good scare and a good laugh? 

All these videos and ideas are a great way to build a year-round connection with your followers and increase your brand awareness at the same time. So put on the Halloween costume, and let’s get filming! If you need help making some Halloween content, drop us a line–we’re always happy to help!

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