How To Use Your Marketing In A Slow Winter Season To Prepare For Your Spring Sales

How To Use Your Marketing In A Slow Winter Season To Prepare For Your Spring Sales - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Winter is here! While most people eagerly await the arrival of snow days, cooler temperatures, and a joyful holiday season, for real estate agents, the winter season is notorious for slow sales, cold leads, and client hibernation. Many agents use this time to scale down on operations to prep for the chilly winter months, to their detriment. In fact, the winter season is prime time to scale UP your marketing efforts, continue to nurture your clientele and prepare your business for the spring boom. 

Take advantage of the slow winter season this year with the following real estate marketing tips so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in spring!

Try Out New Email Marketing Campaigns

The slow season is the perfect time to experiment with your email marketing and stay top of mind with your clients – even if they’re hibernating! Consider the best software to use if you’ve never sent out bulk emails, such as monthly newsletters or housing market reports. For more adept email marketers, consider the content of your campaigns. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this email?” Is it to target sellers? Or nurture first-time home buyers? If your answer involves three or more goals or if the messaging is too broad, then you should probably break it down into multiple campaigns. 

Curate High-Value, Informative Content

Buyers and sellers want to feel knowledgeable and understood. Real estate agents that constantly “sell” themselves won’t ever receive the response they wish without a strong bond with their clients. Instead, curating a blend of promotional content with high-value information will intrigue buyers and sellers, enticing them to follow along with your marketing and thus value you as an authority in the real estate industry.

Scrub Your Contact List

Preening your audience list should be a regular task; however, during the busy months, it can easily fall by the wayside. Take advantage of your much-needed free time this winter to sift through your contact list. Ensure you have a healthy variety of sellers, buyers, investors, and past clients. Then, look at bounce rates, engagement rates, and number of opens to get an idea of your highest and lowest engaged clients. For example, if you’ve been emailing a select number of clients who never open your emails, it might be time to cut them loose (or to send out a re-engagement campaign)!

Focus On Your Strengths, And We’ll Do The Rest

This season, discover what works best for you and your business. When spring comes around, you will be ahead of the game with a highly engaged network, outstanding referrals, and stellar marketing! With our inclusive marketing services, we can take your real estate marketing efforts to a new level in 2024. Let’s chat!

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