The Latest LinkedIn Feed Algorithm Updates

The Latest LinkedIn Feed Algorithm Updates - Agent Operations - AO - Real estate marketing - Agent Operations marketing - social media marketing

Like most social media platforms, developers are constantly trying to make updates to keep platforms as user-friendly as possible and ensure a seamless user experience. The newest LinkedIn feed algorithm updates hope to do just that by changing how content is distributed, creating more engagement opportunities, and helping users connect more effectively.

Let’s dive into the latest LinkedIn updates and how they can help you grow your business and connect with more people.

Suggested Posts

You’ve probably seen suggested content on your Facebook and Instagram feeds, and now you’ll see it on your LinkedIn feed. Suggested posts are a new way to distribute content across different feeds, and with LinkedIn’s latest update, some of your best posts will now be shown to targeted users for months or even years. 

“Right now, content lives and dies on the newsfeed very quickly,” says Tim Jurka, a senior director of engineering at LinkedIn. “We’re trying to collect the sum total of professional knowledge on our platform and make sure it surfaces whenever you need it.”

New Tools For User Growth

LinkedIn is launching a series of new tools that will help you create more engagement and connections with others.

  • Custom Button: Premium members can add a custom button that appears in their profile above their posts. Currently, the button can only say a few things, like “Visit my website” or “Book an appointment,” but soon, more options will be available. 
  • Verified Badge: Users can now verify their identity through various methods, such as identity verification, workplace verification, and more. Once verified, users will receive a small badge on their profile that helps them connect with others on the platform. 
  • Thought Leadership Ads: Companies can now spend money to boost another company’s post (for example, a post by someone praising its product).
  • Newsletters: LinkedIn has had a newsletter for years, but it lacks a lot of data and features found on other newsletter platforms. LinkedIn plans to expand on the product and compete directly with other platforms.
  • Creator Mode: Creator mode is a setting that activates audience-building tools like LinkedIn Live, deeper post analytics, and more. Soon, these tools will be open to everyone, regardless of whether creator mode is turned on.

LinkedIn is moving away from the “creator” term and working towards prioritizing valuable insight and strengthening connections. LinkedIn is a platform unlike Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok where it’s more business-forward and networking-based than content creation. If you have questions about LinkedIn or how to implement it into your marketing strategies, reach out to us or schedule a 30-minute meeting with us here

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