4 Tips To Consider When It Comes To Your Professional Bio

4 Tips To Consider When It Comes To Your Professional Bio - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing - Agent Operations - Agent Operations Marketing

Many real estate agents and business professionals might not understand the importance of having a well-written professional bio. Not only do professional bios allow people to learn about you and your service areas, but they’re also a quick way for people to see your contact information and reach out to you.

Here are four tips to consider when it comes to writing your professional bio. 

Write In Third Person

One question we get asked often is, “Should my professional bio be written in the first or third person?” We recommend writing in the third person most of the time, but some people can write in the first person with their style and personality. Generally, writing in the third person is more professional, which is obviously a great way to come across online. 

Short & Sweet

Keep in mind that this is not a book about your entire life; it’s a professional bio for people to learn more about you. Depending on what platform you’re including the bio in, it will help determine how long it should (or can) be. A good rule of thumb is that your bio should be a few paragraphs, but it might need to be altered to fit within the character limits.

Keep It Simple

Your professional bio should include a mix of your professional accolades and your personal life (if you’re comfortable sharing that). There are a few essential elements you should include, such as:

  • Service Areas
  • Education
  • Awards
  • Contact information
  • Photo

Update Accordingly

A common mistake among real estate agents is never updating anything, which is a big no-no. As your team grows and you receive more awards or accomplish big goals, you should update your bio accordingly. You’re doing yourself a disservice by not letting people know what you and your team are doing, and it could make a difference in whether or not people decide to use you for their real estate needs.

We know what you’re thinking, “Great, now I have to go and update my bio.” Not necessarily! Agent Operations would LOVE to handle it for you! Take a look at what we can do for you here, and if you like what you see, schedule a 30-minute call with us to get started! 

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