10 Social Media Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

10 Social Media Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing - Social Media Marketing

Sometimes social media is straightforward and manageable, and other times it’s complex. But become a social media pro as a real estate agent by avoiding these ten common social media mistakes. 

Mistake #1: Only Posting Listings

Your social media shouldn’t just be about listings; otherwise, your followers will get bored if you don’t offer valuable content. Followers will also unfollow if they think you’re only trying to sell them something. While yes, you should be sharing listings, it shouldn’t be the only thing you share on social media. 

Mistake #2: Being Scared of Repetition

Repetition is the only way social media and marketing work! It’s a seller’s market right now, so share that with your followers and tell them what it means, and tell them often! You’re the only one who’s going to notice your repetition. 

Mistake #3: Worrying About Offending People

Social media is a way for people to understand you and your values, so you should stand up for what you believe in. While supporting an interest or movement might cause some people to unfollow or become upset, it will make you stand out compared to other area REALTORS®. If there’s a topic or cause you’re passionate about, share it with your followers!

Mistake #4: Worrying About Showing Too Much of “Real Life”

The best part of social media is when users let their guard down and are their authentic selves. Don’t make your social media just about real estate and only real estate. Again, your followers want to get to know you, so open up with them. Some post ideas are sharing your hobbies, your family, and your life. People want to know you, so don’t be scared to share behind-the-scenes.

Mistake #5: Comparing Yourself to Other Real Estate Agents 

Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” And they didn’t even have social media then! But it still rings true today. If there are other real estate agents you follow and their posts make you feel less than, unfollow them or mute their profile, so you don’t see their posts. It is your social media, and you control what you want to see. 

Mistake #6: Posting For Yourself and Not Your Clients

Remember that it’s always about the client first. So if you post about your clients or your ideal client, they will follow. Posts about your ideal clients will bring the clients to you. A great way to do this strategically is to ask yourself what questions would you have if you were in their shoes, and then answer them on social media!

Mistake #7: Posting the Same Posts on Different Platforms

Unless you’re absolutely positive that your audiences on different platforms are the exact same, then skip this one, but it isn’t very likely. Facebook and Instagram just as media appeal to different audiences, so why would you post the same content on different platforms if you have different audiences? This is why you should create content based on the platform and utilize the tools each platform has. For example, Facebook is best for using links in posts than compared to Instagram. If you need help with your social media, Agent Operations can help!

Mistake #8: Posting Only One Genre

Your followers want you to mix it up! Otherwise, they’ll get bored—post engaging content one day, then a funny meme the next. If your content is all the same, your audience will become blind to it. Like we’ve said (have we said it enough?), social media is how future clients get to know you, so utilize social media to help build that client relationship. 

Mistake #9: Not Engaging with Your Audience 

Not only should you be posting regularly and mixing up the content, but you should be engaging with your followers too! Like a comment, or better yet, respond to their comment with a comment of your own! Facebook and Instagram like engagement as it shows your page is active. Don’t forget social media is a two-way street! Engaging with your audience is how you grow a loyal following on social media and in your real estate business. 

Mistake #10: Not Using Proper Grammar and Spelling

Social media is an informal interview for future clients. If there are spelling or grammar mistakes, you are already losing business. There’s no easier way to lose business than making a client lose confidence in you before they have even met you. That’s why you must have at least decent spelling and grammar in your social media. 
If this is too overwhelming for you, we can help! Like we always say, “Focus on your strengths. Outsource everything else.” We’re always happy to help if this isn’t your strength! Contact us here or give us a call at (512) 400-2345.

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