How Real Estate Agents Can Create Irresistible Graphics For Social Media

How Real Estate Agents Can Create Irresistible Graphics For Social Media - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Eye-catching graphics will work wonders for your social media channels and your real estate business! At Agent Operations, we call them Social Cards, and they’re designed to draw in your audience, keep you at the top of prospects’ minds, and share your real estate wisdom and expertise. And in this blog, we’re sharing how YOU can create them.

  1. Create a Series of Reusable Templates

To streamline the graphics creation process, create a series of templates to carry the same look and feel so that your graphics are easily recognizable and keep you top-of-mind. Be sure to include your name, designations, headshot, contact information, personal logo (if applicable), and brokerage logo on your graphics. At a minimum, you’ll want to create these seven templates: New Listing, Featured Home, Open House, Under Contract, Just Sold, Testimonial, and Buyer Need.

  1. Share Pertinent Information and Engage Your Audience

When you’re ready to create graphics, you must know who you’re making the graphic for. Who are you targeting? As a real estate agent, is the content you’re creating for homebuyers and sellers, or maybe investors? Each answer will lead to different graphics as you meet the needs of your market. Some ideas for graphics are seller or buyer success stories, testimonials, or helpful tips for home buyers and sellers. You can provide information and fun things to do in your local area. Answering Frequently Asked Questions or sharing why your local area is unique are also great excuses to create engaging graphics. 

  1. Announce New or Featured Listings

Announcing new or featured listings using graphics is a great way to create a visually appealing announcement that also garners exposure for your sellers. If your local Board of REALTORS® permits “coming soon” marketing, a pre-MLS graphic is an excellent way to generate buzz and excitement before the property goes on the market. 

  1. Attract Buyers By Demonstrating Relevance

Appeal to potential home buyers by sharing your experience and expertise as a real estate professional. This reassures buyers that they have all the resources needed to make the right purchase decision by putting their trust in you. To generate ideas, ask yourself: 

  • What are a home buyer’s biggest challenges within your local market? 

Solution: Share weekly tips to make the buying experience more enjoyable.  

  • What are the top questions from previous home buyers? 

Solution: Answer them using quick visual tips. 

  • What local events are happening that your audience would be interested in? 

Solution: Share graphics with timely local and hyper-local events. 

  • What are the special needs of pet owners? 

Solution: Share advice on how to prepare pets for a move.

  • And so much more!
  1. Establish Influence

You can easily establish influence as a real estate agent by consistently sharing your thoughts, views, experiences, and valuable insight. Some examples can be how to navigate the home buying process, how to move without breaking the bank, how to avoid home buying pitfalls, how to decorate your new home, etc. The list goes on and on! 

Eye-catching graphics are designed to share high-value information with your sphere of influence, and they work wonders for keeping you top-of-mind! At Agent Operations, we call them Social Cards, and if we can support your social media strategy or get you started with Social Card templates that you can edit in Canva or Pages, reach out to our Team today!

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