How to Write Your Own Mission and Vision Statements for Real Estate

How To Write Your Own Mission And Vision Statement For Real Estate - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Mission and vision statements are the core of any business, but it’s often an overlooked step in the real estate industry. As marketers, we always ask clients about their mission and vision statements to make sure anything we write and create on their behalf keeps those ideals and goals in mind. Often, we find that our clients don’t have one or don’t know how to write one. If you fall into that category, don’t fret! Mission and vision statements can be quite easy to write, and they can change as your business grows and your goals change. 

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is all about what your real estate business does and works towards a common goal. It answers the who, what, and why of your business. Mission statements should be simple, informative, and memorable. Be honest, be authentic, and be ethical. 

What does a mission statement need?

  • Definition of your customer – Who are you helping? Outline the type of customers you are serving, including the geographic area they live in.
  • Answer what needs your company meets – What are the needs of your customers? Are they looking to buy, sell, invest, or build new homes? Do they want affordable housing, to sell a home for top dollar, or need help relocating?
  • Outline how you serve those needs – Define how you help meet the needs of your clients. Do you have a tried and true marketing strategy? Are you an expert negotiator? Do you have connections with lenders, stagers, and movers to make the process easier?

What questions should you ask yourself when writing mission and vision statements?

  • Why are you in business?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What are you known for?
  • What image of your business do you want to convey?
  • What level of service do you provide?
  • How do you differ from your competitors?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your strategy to reach your goals?
  • What are the philosophies and values that your business follows?

What is a vision statement?

The vision statement outlines the hopes and goals for the business. Give yourself and your company something to work towards. Think about the lasting impression you want your company to make, have big plans for your business, focus on the customer needs you’re fulfilling, and be committed to what’s vital for your company.

What does a vision statement need?

  • Define what you want your real estate business to look like – What is the culture you want your company to have? Outline the mood you want your business to create.
  • Showcase where you’re going and what you want to achieve – Do you want to be a leader in the real estate industry? Do you want every client to recommend you as the only real estate agent to work with? Think about where you want your business to be in the next five years, ten years, and twenty years. 

If you’re not sure how to create your own mission and vision statements for your real estate business, contact Agent Operations. We’re here to help you brand yourself and carve out your own market in the real estate world. Have a question? Reach out to our team anytime: (512) 400-2345 or [email protected].

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