Why Real Estate Agents Are Prioritizing Social Media And Why You Should, Too!

Why Real Estate Agents Are Prioritizing Social Media And Why You Should Too - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of our lives for quite some time now. With the increasing amount of time people spend online, it has had a significant impact on various aspects of our daily routines. As more activities shift to the digital realm, social media’s role has become even more crucial.

A survey conducted by The Close, a respected real estate research resource, revealed that social media has become a powerful tool for real estate agents. In 2021, an impressive 44% of agents gained new clients through social media, outperforming traditional methods like cold calling, print advertising, buying leads, and online ads. Moreover, a whopping 82% of those surveyed agents expressed their commitment to enhancing their social media presence in the same year.

Social media platforms are also keeping up with the changing times. Clubhouse, an audio-based social media app that allows live interactive discussions akin to podcasts, has seen a rise in popularity among real estate professionals. Notably, the “Real Estate Club” on the app boasts nearly 13,000 followers and 7,000 members. Other platforms like TikTok have become a hit among Gen Z audiences, with real estate content going viral. Even apps like Nextdoor, which cater to local neighborhoods, offer specialized ad options for real estate agents.

Real estate agents who embrace social media are not only gaining clients but also emerging as community leaders. By creating hyper-local content that resonates with their audience, agents can establish themselves as market leaders. If that’s a skill you haven’t quite mastered yet, we can help!

Video is another essential real estate marketing trend.  Animoto, an excellent software platform, provides real estate agents with the tools to create high-value, hyper-local videos that engage their audience effectively.

Social media’s impact on the real estate industry is undeniable, and agents who leverage these platforms strategically are reaping the rewards by attracting new clients and establishing themselves as authorities in their respective communities. 

Need help? We’ve got your back. Turn social media into a lead generation tool, and we can help set you up for success. Our caring, knowledgeable Agent Operations Team is always happy to help! Contact us here or give us a call at (512) 400-2345. 

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