How To Reach Out To Clients During The Holidays (And Get Referrals)

How To Reach Out To Clients During The Holidays And Get Referrals - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Is a solid client base on your Christmas list? The upcoming holiday season can be a fantastic time to show gratitude to your current connections, reconnect with past clients, and reach out to new ones. Whether big or small, a token of your appreciation can go a long way. The key is simply authenticity.

Appearing out of the woodwork and asking for a referral is not the route to success. Neither is inconsistent communication. Show your clients that you care beyond the transaction itself. 

We know that the holidays are a busy time for buyers, sellers, Realtors®, and brokers alike, especially in this changing market. Sending thoughtful notes, meaningful gifts, and baking delicious pumpkin pies to give away may not be at the top of your list over the next few months. But we promise that a little extra connection during the holidays can go a long way for your clients. 

Let’s look at some personal ways you can reach out to your sphere of influence during the holidays without adding too much to your plate.

Send Personalized Cards

Get your writing hand ready – because handwritten notes are the way to go! Especially during the holidays, a beautifully worded card can be a meaningful way to grow your relationship with clients. 

Provide Value In Emails

Email campaigns may seem like just another email in your client’s inbox, but you have something that your clients crave: valuable knowledge of the market and industry. Whether you’re reaching out to first-time homeowners with home maintenance tips for the wintertime, offering market insights to seasoned sellers, or discussing common listing trends with new clients, your clients will appreciate being in the know.

Become A Voice In Your Community

People want to work with someone who is a pivotal force in their community. And there’s no better time to give back and support your favorite neighborhoods than during the holidays. Create a holiday donation drive and invite your friends, family, and clients to join you in giving back!
As you consider the best path for building your client base this holiday season, remember to be authentic, provide value, and genuinely care about the welfare of your clients. This is how referrals, new business, and long-lasting client relationships will grow. If you have any questions about getting referrals and building your sphere of influence, reach out to us!

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