How To Create A Public Image For Your Brokerage And Leverage It For Success

How To Create A Public Image For Your Brokerage And Leverage It For Success - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Agent Operations Marketing

There is always a slow season for real estate – a season where agents must face new challenges and, most importantly, a choice to take their image to a new level. For any agent or brokerage, public image is the most vital factor in their success, and the most successful ones ensure that they are recognized as trustworthy, reputable, and an authority in their market. 

While we are entering a new year of real estate that is poised to bring about changes and evolutions in the market, the industry is still working to stabilize. As a result, brokerages need a competitive edge. They must be recognizable and trusted to achieve results that others can’t. The best way to accomplish this impeccable public image? Marketing that stands out. 

Let’s jump into some of the steps to creating a public image for your brokerage that will set you apart. 

Define Your Brand

A strong personal brand is essential to the success of your real estate business, especially when the industry is so saturated with like-minded agents who all have the same goal. A brand will represent your niche, principles, and expertise – all of which make you unique. As an agent, standing out from the crowd requires a personal niche derived from your brokerage’s goals and mission. 

Begin by asking yourself:

  1. What do you stand for?
  2. Who are you helping?
  3. Who are you?

Your answers will be the pillars of your brand.

Build An Image

Once you have defined your real estate brand, it’s time to build your online image through impeccable and cohesive designs, stellar marketing strategies, engaging social media posts, and a killer website that draws in new prospects and converts them into trusted clients. This stage of building your brand will take time, effort, and skill, and is comprised of several smaller steps, as detailed below.

Steps Of Building Out Your Real Estate Brand

  1. Complete a detailed audit of your current online presence (i.e., search your name on Google and Bing to discover what your leads already see).
  2. Decide on designs (fonts, colors, images) that speak to your brand.
  3. Craft compelling designs for your website, social media, and realtor sites to ensure your branding is cohesive across the board.
  4. Develop strategies for your social media posts, email marketing, and print marketing.
  5. Build a killer website tailored to your niche audience that will rank well on search engines and draw in new leads.

While this may seem overwhelming, it is a vital step in leveraging your image to be a top-producing brokerage in today’s market. Your image and business should be at the forefront of the industry as an authority voice in real estate. 

If you’re ready to take this next step but unsure how to dive in, look at our work at Agent Operations. We pride ourselves on being the top real estate marketing agency for your needs. Together, we can transform and leverage your real estate image to bring incredible success.

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