How To Gain More Listings With A Seller-Geared Sales Funnel

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In the real estate world, loyalty is everything. Loyal clients are a real estate agent’s most important commodity, especially in a winding market where trust is hard to garner. While repeat clients and referrals are paramount to an agent’s success, gaining new leads is just as important and a process you can start to build right now. 

Digital marketing for real estate agents is no longer a luxury strategy; it is necessary to keep businesses thriving. One such strategy, a sales funnel, is one of the most effective processes to attract seller leads and gain more listings. 

Let’s discuss what a marketing funnel geared toward sellers looks like for real estate agents in 2024.

The Steps Of An Effective Seller-Geared Marketing Sales Funnel

  1. Establish Your Target Audience
  2. Build A Robust & Authentic Presence Online
  3. Craft An Enticing Offer For Your Audience
  4. Develop A Website Or Landing Page To Capture New Leads

Step One: Establish Your Target Audience

One truth we all know about real estate is that it is oversaturated. Luckily, successful real estate agents know the secret – that it is all about developing stellar niches. Suppose you’re targeting the entirety of sellers and speaking to a broad audience in even more general terms while your competitors are talking to a very specific group of sellers about their unique wants and needs, then your voice will quickly become snuffed out among the noise. 

Instead, identify a specific niche audience that you want to target. To start this process, evaluate factors that define potential audiences, such as location, seller demographics, and property types. From there, consider the ideal niche you want to target. 

Step Two: Build A Robust & Authentic Presence Online

An efficient marketing strategy can quickly guide an agent to success in today’s digital world. Did you know that 86% of sellers in 2023 worked with a real estate agent or that 96% of home buyers used the internet to search for homes, according to the National Association of Realtors®? There is a wealth of potential leads online. Now, more than ever, real estate agents need a robust but authentic online brand presence to stand out and build trust with these leads. For agents just starting out, we suggest dipping into social media to build your brand. For the more experienced agents and brokerages, leverage the power of professional websites, email marketing, and social media combined to reach the highest potential of leads.

Step Three: Craft An Enticing Offer For Your Audience

After establishing your online presence and identifying your niche, it’s time to craft an enticing offer that instantly solves a problem for your target audience. While many generic offers are still highly effective, like a “free home valuation,” following these steps will take you beyond that. Once you truly understand your target audience’s wants, needs, and pain points, finding this enticing solution will be easy. 

For instance, let’s say that your ideal client is an empty nester looking to sell their family home. A pain point for this client could be parting with a place they hold dear to their heart, but is too much work to maintain. An enticing offer you could provide is a guide on the freedom of downsizing and how to take back your life as an empty nester. This kind of offer is highly specific but incredibly valuable to that niche. 

Step Four: Develop A Website Or Landing Page To Capture New Leads

Now that you have 1) the perfect niche audience, 2) a strong online presence, and 3) a valuable offer for your audience, you just need to develop a space to capture these new leads as they pour in. This capture could come in many forms but is most commonly a landing page with a form designed to capture leads in return for a valuable offer. 

For more information on leveraging marketing funnels like the one described in this article to gain more listings in 2024, please reach out to us at Agent Operations! We take the marketing weight off your shoulders so you can shine at what you do best.

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