The Power Of Tagging In Your Social Media Posts

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In a digital world where social media is the name of the game, real estate professionals are trying to find ways to stand out, connect with others, and drive traffic to their social media pages. While tagging people and companies on any social media platform is a way to notify them that you’re talking about them online, tagging offers many other benefits, especially on Facebook. 

Let’s look at who you should be tagging on Facebook, why you should be doing it (if you aren’t already), and how it can help you drive traffic to your pages and market to a larger audience. 

Who/What Should I Be Tagging?

  • Clients: If you’re promoting a new listing or open house, tagging the sellers allows them to see the marketing efforts you are making to sell their home. 
  • Businesses: Do you have a favorite coffee shop or restaurant you love and visit frequently? Tell your audience about it! People love supporting small local businesses. 
  • Cities/Neighborhoods: Checking in at different cities and in different neighborhoods lets your audience know which areas you service.

Benefits of Tagging

Tagging on Facebook is a simple concept that has huge benefits for your social media presence as a real estate agent. Here are a few ways tagging on Facebook can help your business thrive and generate more leads. 

Increased Exposure

Tagging another person or business in your post brings the post to their social media page, which can increase the amount of people who can see it. There are people who follow the individuals and businesses you tagged that might not follow you, further expanding your reach and your audience. 

Boosts Post Engagement

The more people who see your posts, the more post engagement you get. Post engagement includes shares, comments, likes, and clicks, which all contribute to gaining more followers and, hopefully, more leads for your real estate business. 

Creates A Community 

Being seen as a resource for the community is a goal you should strive for. Not only do you want to be known as a top real estate agent, but you also want people to look at you as a community expert and come to you for recommendations. Tagging other businesses will help promote them, and in turn, they can return the favor and refer people to you who are looking to buy or sell real estate.

Tagging on Facebook isn’t a new idea, but it has many advantages that can help you gain more exposure and reach a larger audience. If you have questions about tagging or how we can help you with your social media marketing, reach out to us or schedule a 30-minute meeting with us here

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