Crucial Strategies for Successful Real Estate Marketing

Crucial Strategies For Successful Real Estate Marketing - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing

Real estate marketing can be confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’re sharing five crucial strategies for your real estate marketing to generate leads and be successful. 

Define Your Audience

Before creating and posting your content for prospective clients, you need to know who you’re talking to. Take the time to define who your ideal audience is. Is there a particular geographic or demographic niche that you serve? For instance, do you have experience in helping your clients downsize their home? Maybe you love to sell homes within your own neighborhood as an area specialist. Or, do you help other individuals move up from their current home into a new construction home? These are simply examples, but you get the idea.

Next, answer questions like what platforms do they use? Do you see them opening an email from you? What about social media? Then, narrow it further–is your target audience more likely to be on LinkedIn or Facebook? Then, what publications do they read? Do they have similar hobbies or interests? Is it more effective to mail to your audience? Once you have these answers, marketing becomes so much easier and efficient, and they help you create a relevant marketing message to convert your audience into leads. Ideally, you’d like to reach your target audience on multiple platforms, including email, social media, text message, and mail. You want them to see you everywhere, but make sure your messaging is on point.


You know your target audience, which means you also know how they may respond to your message. Craft effective messaging by putting yourself in their shoes. Ask questions in your real estate marketing that inspire your audience to answer or engage with you. Share high-value information and offer them something before making a request. Be memorable. Show them how they can transact with you. Always include a call-to-action that asks your target to take the next step.


Be consistent! Consistency is one of the most important facets of successful real estate marketing. If you’re trying a new platform or strategy, give it time to gauge if it’s successful. Think of marketing like an engine that constantly runs in the background as you sell real estate. It is a long-term lead generation strategy. Give it time to warm up. Keep it full of fuel. Be ready for the long haul.

The great news? Once your real estate marketing engine is rolling, it delivers. The things you do today pay off in 3-9 months, so be consistent with your marketing to even out the commission highs and lows.

A consistent presence is essential because it’s how current and future clients recognize you and your brand, whether on a business card, in their mailbox, or on social media. It makes it easier for people to remember you. The recognition then increases your momentum, causing your business to become more relevant and stand out amongst competitors. 


When you try a new tactic or platform, track your data over time so you can determine if it’s profitable. Data will give you the numbers you need to decide if you should continue with that strategy. It requires time for this data to show, so be patient! If you’re investing money in paid advertising, track campaigns from the start. Evaluate effectiveness every quarter and make adjustments as needed. 

Follow Up

Real estate coaches say that the gold nuggets are in the follow-up. How will you follow up with your new leads? Plan so you’re not overwhelmed by lead incubation and follow-up. Be sure to add everyone to your sphere of influence database and have a plan to stay in contact with them.

When these strategies work together, your real estate marketing will yield results. Time-block a few hours to determine if your current marketing plan is working, and understand that progress should require you to adjust your marketing plan. If you’d like to learn more about how Agent Operations helps agents, teams, and brokerages with their real estate marketing, reach out to us today! (512) 400-2345 or Contact us here!

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