4 Email Marketing Campaigns To Help Promote Your Business

4 Email Marketing Campaigns To Help Promote Your Business - Real Estate Marketing - Agent Operations - Realtor Marketing - Real Estate

In this ever-changing real estate market, exploring new marketing strategies to stay connected is important. Email marketing opens a new avenue to promote your business and connect with your clients, real estate agents, and more!

Here are a few email marketing campaigns Agent Operations can help you incorporate into your marketing to help you promote yourself and your business to the right audience.


A customized email newsletter is one of the most popular newsletters we create for our clients. We will design a high-value, hyper-local newsletter that is sent out to your sphere and contains engaging information about the market, local events, and more. This newsletter is a great way to showcase your market knowledge and promote new listings and closings. They also offer a lot of flexibility for you to let us know if there’s personal content you would like to have included for each issue. Typically these are sent out monthly but can be sent bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on your preference.

Market Update

The market update newsletter is a more graphic-based newsletter that features local real estate stats and allows you to be more in-depth about the market and your market knowledge. Also sent to your sphere, the market update is customized according to your style, brand colors, market area, and preferences. The information gathered in the market update is collected from the state Board of Realtors® website.

Property Email Campaign

The single property email campaign is a great way to promote a brand-new listing. Two different campaigns can be sent: one to your sphere and/or one to real estate agents. Typically we will create a customized flyer for the property and use it for both campaigns. 

The sphere newsletter is sent through MailChimp and includes a description, multiple photos, and a link to the property. The real estate agent newsletter is sent through Realtour.biz and consists of a flyer with a link to the property and is sent to agents within a certain radius of the property.

This newsletter is sent to your sphere and showcases your active listings. It includes photos of each listing, important details, and links to the listings on your website. While we can also include your listings in your monthly newsletter, they can sometimes get lost in the middle of the additional content. The featured listings newsletter allows your listings to shine and allows your sphere to see exactly what inventory you have.

If you have any questions about our email marketing campaigns, reach out to us or look at our catalog! We would love to help you promote your business and give you an opportunity to SHINE!

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