Our Secrets To Making Your Summer Real Estate Marketing Shine

Our Secrets To Making Your Summer Real Estate Marketing Shine - Agent Operations - Real Estate Marketing - Realtor Marketing - Property Marketing

As most real estate agents know, summer is one of the busiest times of the year, with new buyers entering the market, sellers jumping on listing their properties, and overall demand rising dramatically. And this summer is no different. So, how can you utilize real estate marketing to transform your business this year?

While having a focused and customized marketing plan in place is essential, some summer secrets will help any real estate marketing plan shine!

Here are some great ideas to kickstart your summer marketing.

Summer Team Sponsorships

Strong marketing begins with a thorough understanding of your target clientele. Think about who your ideal client is for your business. What do they do during the summer? For example, if your perfect audience is families looking to relocate or purchase a bigger home, then consider marketing your services at summer sports events and camp sessions. Whether you’re sponsoring a team, an event, or taking out a local ad, there’s no better way to become a local name in your community this summer.

Season-Specific Marketing

Refresh your marketing this summer by embracing the season. Transform your social media strategy, blog topics, and print materials with a glimmer of summer. This could look like investing in summer topics for your blogs, such as summer maintenance guides, market updates, local seasonal events, etc. You could offer lead magnets that dive into how to stage a home to sell well in the summertime, create a social media series on local restaurants, or host a BBQ open house. 

A Community Investment

One marketing secret for real estate agents goes far beyond sponsorships, advertisements, and marketing tactics – investing in your community and clientele. Making a name for yourself online can offer endless opportunities and ensure your brand is trusted on a broad scale. But real estate marketing works hand-in-hand with an agent’s work ethic, personality, and dedication to their business. This summer, consider investing in your community by volunteering for local events, hosting a sporting event, or even creating your own holiday celebration.
If you have any questions about summer real estate marketing or are interested in making your marketing SHINE, reach out to us or take a peek at our catalog!

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